July 2015 Wine Tasting Calendar


Gold Medal Winners

"California State Fair Wine Competition"

Thursday, July 16 thru Sunday, July 19 2:00pm- 5:00pm (Thursday 4-7:00pm) $5.00 per person

 The California State Fair Wine Competition is the oldest wine judging in the Country, going back over 125 years. In 2015 over 2900 wine entries were received from over 600 wineries. The 2015 results from last month's judging are out and we'll taste Double Gold and Gold medal winners.

 ********************************** Napa Valley's Other Wines

"Beyond Chardonnay and Cabernet"

Thursday, July 23 thru Sunday, July 26 2:00pm- 5:00pm (Thursday 4-7:00pm) $5.00 per person

Mention Napa Valley and Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon is usually part of the discussion. This weekend we'll pour Sauvignon Blanc, Zins, Merlot and a blend from Napa that are often over looked.


A TASTE OF SPAIN – From Jerez to Rioja

Thursday, July 30 thru Sunday, August 2 2:00pm - 5:00 pm (4:00 to 7:00 on Thursday) $5.00 per person

Spain has more land planted to grapes than any other country in the world. In the past decade the Spanish wine industry has gained a reputation for producing exceptional wines at a good value.


“OLD VINE” REDS – Tasting Wines with a History

Thursday, August 6 thru Sunday, August 9
2:00pm -5:00pm (4:00 to 7:00 on Thursday) $5.00 per person

We’ll focus on Zinfandels but will include others reds that are from vineyards that are over 50 years old. We’ll also include reds from heritage clones.













O'Brien's - Dale Rd
4120 Dale Rd.
Modesto, CA 95356 
(209) 545-8100 
O'Brien's - Roseburg
839 W. Roseburg   
Modesto, CA 95350
(209) 524-9234

O'Brien's -Riverbank
6331 Oakdale Rd.
Riverbank, CA 
(209) 869-9050



 Joe's Cheese Corner

   Mull of Kintyre


Here is a Scottish Cheddar that like it's country, is rugged, bold and full of character. Crafted at the Campbeltown Creamery on the extreme west side, this distinctive cheddar's flavors comes from the high quality cow's milk from several special dairies on the Kintyre Pennisula and the unique coastal pastures on which they gaze. Drizzle it with honey and try with a amber ale or a non oaked citrusy Chardonnay.



"The Wine Guy"

 Last month I attended a blind tasting that was challenging, fun, and informative. And I do mean "blind!" As part of a wine seminar, our group was actually blindfolded and then passed several wines to smell and taste. We were forced to heighten our senses to order to describe an aroma and then pair it with a wine or food. It was a good exercise that you could duplicate at home with friends for a unique experience. Someone has to be the guide with eyes open that can move the glasses and foods to your guests. Ask me about more details if you would like to do it with friends. And watch for us to do something similar in the coming months at the store.

winetasting.events.gocolumbia.edu for tickets and a list of wineries. Hope to see you there!

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