December 2016 Wine Tasting Calendar

BUBBLES AND SWEETS TASTING – “Holiday Sparkling and Dessert Wines

Thursday, December 1st            4 -7:00pm                       $10.00 per person.

Join us for a special tasting on Thursday Evening from 4:00 to 7:00pm when we’ll expand the tasting to feature a number of sparkling wines, ports, and dessert wines.   


WINES OF PORTUGAL - "From Douro Red to Tawny Porto" Friday, December 2 thru Sunday, December 4 2:00pm - 5:00 pm $5.00 per person

Portugal is best known for its sweet dessert wine production. But we will explore the Duoro region and others for interesting table wines in addition to some of our favorite ports.

*************************** TASTING THE TOP 100’S – “Year End Highly Rate Wines” Thursday, December 8 thru Sunday, December 11 2:00pm – 5:00 pm (Thursday 4-7:00pm) $10.00 per person

A number of publications have just released their top 100 wines of the year, and we’ll taste some that are late year releases and have gotten special attention from major publications.

 *************************** O'BRIEN'S “LASTCHANCE” HOLIDAY WINE TASTING AND SALE Saturday, December 17th 2:00pm to 4:00pm $10.00 per person Join us in the wine department for a tasting that will feature 15 premium Cabernets, Chardonnays, and other fine wines. Take advantage of a one time special discount. A number of other wines will be on sale during the tasting. Note Special time!!!!!


NO TASTING DECEMBER 22 - 25th,, and 29- 31st































O'Brien's - Dale Rd
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O'Brien's - Roseburg
839 W. Roseburg   
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O'Brien's -Riverbank
6331 Oakdale Rd.
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Nicasio Valley

With the growing interest in organic products, here is a new certified organic California farmstead cheese from Nicasio Valley in west Marin County. Handcrafted in their nearby creamery the family uses authentic, traditional recipes from the alpine village of our ancestral homeland, Maggia, Switzerland. It is a soft ripening cheese made in 3 inch rounds and aged for at least 5 weeks. It's a delicate, lightly washed rind cheese with a powerful aroma and a rich pleasant flavor. On these warm summer days consider serving with your favorite session beer or a citrusy Sauvignon Blanc or Albarino.

            "The Wine Guy"

 Lodi has become a popular wine country destination for many of our patrons. But most think of the region as a red wine haven. Over the past few years Lodi has established itself as a leader in producing memorable dry whites, and especially from the lesser known varietals such as Grenache Blanc, Albarino and Verdelho. Some of our favorite producers include St. Amant Winery, Bokisch, Oak Farm, Harney Lane and our newest arrival, Acquiesce Vineyards, who only produces white wines! Check out these award winning wines and enjoy the white side of Lodi.

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